Even the cops are more friendly in Taiwan

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That's the point about Taiwan, it's a peaceful place full of friendly people ! That's why I feel like being at home when I get there. When you compare with Beijing, the city where I am working and living, the contrast is obvious. Just an example: In Beijing, I pass by the convenience store before going to the office. Everyday I buy the same stuffs (One can of Red Bull to feed my brain and one snickers to feed my brain) but never I heard the staffs say hello or 欢迎 as I step in the shop. And they never smile (no feelings)... must be difficult to smile, right ? I always have to wait for a few seconds before they give me the bill (slow reaction) and I ALWAYS have to ask for a plastic bag, which is annoying me as I hate to speak when I just wake up and haven't drink my coffee yet. Now, if you step into a 7-11 in Taiwan you will hear a smiling staff shouting the welcome at your attention so you are sure you cannot miss his point of welcoming you. I don't mention that there are more choice in Taiwan's 7-11 because it's not the point... but I think you get that point too, right ? At the counter, you have a quick and effective response and your stuffs get packed in the bag (which you have to pay, but it's a Government regulation to save the planet) quickly. Your change comes back together with your receipt (Always ask for a receipt in Beijing otherwise you never get one!). That's what I call great service ! It's not like in Beijing where you always have to scream at the staffs to get things done properly...


The picture below is featuring drunk Kim and his pal playing with cops in Taibei outside a club. Look at the cop inside the car, he's laughing too !



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doraemon 12/02/2006 15:48

I love Taiwan but I hate china
Vive Taiwan :)

Hesiem 25/06/2005 10:45

I must admit that I love Taiwan !

un couple franco-taiwanais 25/06/2005 10:30

Hi, we have been folowing your articles of Beijing. It's nice to read some lines about Taiwan...and evenmore they are nice points of view. *_*

woooooooooo, he is so racialist...woo..

Hesiem 17/05/2005 11:44

Wuuuuuuuuuu... Li is racist. He/she doesn't like black!

li 17/05/2005 11:35

the chinese are not that friendly to u,coze u r black,lots of blacks in beijing do sth really horrible,for example,rape the women in the street,or run without even a brief